Configure and manage risk for all compliance successes and failures within your or your client’s business.

Configure and manage risk across the asset base for all compliance initiatives, frameworks, controls, and events.

Manage Incidents as other events against your asset base. Implement risk-based auditing based on both audit history and incidents.

Perform all parts of the audit workflow on-line eliminating spreadsheets, notebooks, duplication and redundancy.

Manage and Control your important assets across the organisation. Monitor their compliance and monitor their contracts

Audit Reporting

Increase auditor efficiency by generating draft audit reports on demand.


Audit Trail

Record all information change including who, what and when.

Your branding

Ensure your branding remains front and centre with HydraGRC’s white-labelling.


Cast-iron security to ensure peace of mind including SHA-256 encryption and rights & roles management.

For Audit Providers

HydraGRC is a built for consultants and professional audit providers who carry out audits on behalf of multiple clients. Our platform will help you build stronger client relationships.

For Internal Auditors

Whether you oversee the compliance function or carry out individual audits in-house, HydraGRC provides the toolset to help measure compliance against your own goals.

For Teams & Businesses

As a small business owner or team leader responsible for a specific business function – HydraGRC’s simple to use pre-packaged audits can help you achieve compliance with ease.

Start Auditing in No Time

Use our pre-built audit templates for compliance frameworks like GDPR and ISO 27001, or just create your own, using the audit builder.

Our Technology is Available Worldwide

Our cloud-based software can be deployed securely in any region and can be used for just about any compliance framework imaginable.