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HydraGRC was created in 2005 and has had years of development with customers and partners in regulated industries. Since it’s inception it has always been an online platform, accessible through a browser, and has seen thousands of new features, upgrades, bug fixes, quickly deployed and introduced to the many users of our platform.

Spreadsheets and paper notes have been ubiquitous in recording audits, and generating reports. But with an ever increasing number of people involved in compliance, and the need to maintain compliance beyond just an audit, it has created a huge need for an easy-to-use central online system, accessible at any time, from anywhere, to run compliance for any auditor or organisation.

I first put pen to paper (and now stylus to iPad Pro!) for Hydra, back in 2002. Whilst working in IT, there was a huge need to map out and record every data center, process, application, and person, involved in running some of the largest financial institutions in the world.

There wasn’t anything readily available which could assess and analyse Risk for disaster recovery. What was the impact of a data center going offline? No idea. What would happen if a software application went end of life? Headless chickens. Who in the company had responsibility for the largest numbers of server hardware? What was the status of Applications and Systems in respect of PCIDSS? We would have loved to know…

But Hydra knew.

Hydra could flow risk around a system of assets, and give you a detailed understanding of these scenarios. It could create an auditable record of every asset, document, server, and record ownerships and relationships between them and the people that administered and owned them.

Over time, we widened the use of Hydra more broadly to many industries and many frameworks of compliance, but consolidated and abstracted the features to make it incredibly easy-to-use, to manage audits, follow-ups, and risk. It allows you to create custom regular controls and check-ups at a frequency that suits you, your team, or your customers.

Even now, we still have more planned for our customers. That will never change.

Compliance shouldn’t have to be difficult.

It shouldn’t have to strike fear into any organisation.

Compliance processes should be as easy to run and implement as any other productivity tool out there, whether you’re working in Marketing, IT or Finance… and of course, any other department or consultancy.

If you’re looking for something to help you run customer audits, internal audits, or achieve compliance in a new regulation for your organisation, HydraGRC can help you.

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Founder, HydraGRC