Risk, Control and Compliance

Your own branded GRC product, your own Risk Management System, your own Internal Audit system, your frameworks, your methodology, your language, and through Cloud, delivered from our platform to anywhere in the world.

Action Plan

Consolidated action plans across the organisation, external auditors and suppliers.

Asset Management

Manage and Control your important assets across the organisation. Monitor their compliance and monitor their contacts.

Audit and Compliance Management

Audit and assessment control for compliance success within your or your client business.

Audit Trail

Record all information changes including who, what and when.

Your branding

Ensure your branding remains front and centre with HydraGRCs white-labelling facilities.

Business Intelligence

Integrated support for Business Intelligence tools. Utilise popular Business Intelligence tools such as Count.co and Power BI using Hydra's secure database views

On-line Audit

Perform all parts of the audit workflow online, eliminating spreadsheets, notebooks, duplication and redundancy.

Program Management

Program-manage, automate and control your audits, assessments, controls and Risk Control Self Assessments (RCSA)

Risk and Control Self-Assessment (RCSA)

Assess and examine your operational risk and effectiveness of your controls.


Increase auditor efficiency by generating draft audit reports on demand.

Risk Category Views

Multiple Risk Views across the same data, GRC, ESG, Privacy, Security.

Risk Management

Manage risk across the asset base for all compliance initiatives, frameworks, controls and events.


Cast-iron security to ensure peace of mind including encryption and rights and roles management.

Value at Risk

Calculate potential losses and reserve capital due to Risk across the organisation.

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