Online or Remote Auditing

The are many advantages of on-line or remote auditing, not least the tremendous cost savings and efficiency aspects. Having a "Single Source of Truth" that avoids the proliferation of copies of spreadsheets of differing versions and with differing content snapshotted at differing times avoids confusion as to the current state.

  1. Flexibility: Online auditing allows for remote access, allowing auditors to perform audits from anywhere, at any time.
  2. Cost savings: There is a reduction in travel costs as auditors do not need to be physically present at the audit site.
  3. Increased efficiency: With access to electronic documents and data, auditors can conduct audits more quickly and thoroughly.
  4. Improved collaboration: Online communication and collaboration tools allow auditors to work with stakeholders in real-time.
  5. Enhanced data security: Electronic storage of audit data and documents can provide improved security compared to paper-based methods.
  6. Increased accessibility: Remote auditing makes it easier for organizations to access auditors with specialized skills and expertise.